Case story about Yohannes Getu

Case story about Yohannes Getu

Yohannes Getu, 9 years old, who lives with his mother since his father died before 6 years. He lives in very small house with no space to play even outside the house. The family leads a difficult life, since his mother’s income is not enough to cover his needs; the only income for the family is his mother’s business, selling onions and potatoes on the traditional market. She has got very little money from her business to cover their day to day expenses including his school expense, sometimes even she couldn’t do her business due to her health condition/illness, there is no other relative even to assist her during those difficult times.

Yohannes, now he is in grade 3, ranks 5th out of 50 students. He is active and has a dream of being a pilot in the future, but he has a fear on how to accomplish his dream with his mother’s condition, by straggling always year to year to cover his school uniform and other school materials.

Do you know how many school children live specially with their Moms’ struggle to go to school and to attend their education related to low economic situation? You can change the life of one child or a family life through sending small cash regularly.

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