Case story about Meseret Gizaw

Case story about Meseret Gizaw

Meseret Gizaw is 39 and a widow, who lives with her three children (two sons [age12 and 1 year and 6 months old] and one daughter [age 15]). The daughter has joined this family a year before by adoption at the age of 15, when the daughter mother’s, a friend of W/o Meseret died near to her house. During that time, even though W/o Meseret’s economic condition didn’t allow her to take additional family member; she didn’t hesitate to take her to her home to help her as her child, since the daughter did not know other relative than her mother’s. Now she is grade 10 and lives with W/o Meseret’s family.

W/O Meseret and her family live in a very small house by paying 1000 birr per month. She always straggling month to month to feed her family members and to pay for the house rent, since the only income for the family is a small money that their mothers earn, by baking injera for other individuals in the village. She is hard worker; she tries to fulfill her children’s needs always by doing anything in her village to earn some money. She usually making injera /local food wakes up early in the morning daily, making 200 injeras per day, starting from 2am to 6am, for whom she has got hired to.

W/o Meseret is healthy and strong woman, has the capacity and interest to start her own small business related to baking and selling injera to fulfill her children’s need. Her only limitation to start her own business is starting up capital. Do you know how many single Moms’ struggle in Ethiopia to feed and support their children to send them to school? You can change the life of one family through sending small cash regularly.

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