A Message From the founder of Yengat Birhan Charity Organization, S/r Meseret Tesfaye

Who We Are

Aspires to see society to enjoy healthy life through building people’s capacity.

Working strongly toward ensuring healthy family and community through supporting and encouraging peoples to know and release their potential in the integrated program.

The overall goal is to contribute for changing the living standard of marginalized and disadvantageous family especially headed by women with children and child headed family through building their capacity and self-esteem in a continuous improvement of life.

The objective of the project is to create conducive environment for disadvantaged women and child headed families through integrated family empowerment program.

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Details ...

Yengat Birhan is an indigenous humanitarian organization established by a volunteer health professional that represent a family committed to assist disadvantaged family especially poor women headed and child headed one. The family has a long story of supporting disadvantaged children and their family for over four years using their own financial and material resources plus rich experience in humanitarian service. Since February, 2016, the organization approaches friends and individuals who share the vision of the founder and able to get financial, material and technical support and continued operating in collaboration with Yeka Sub city Woreda 08 and the surrounding community; in the area of women economic empowerment, improve school enrolment of disadvantaged children and improve the health seeking behavior of disadvantaged family. The organization’s support was highly appreciated by the beneficiary, and to this effect, Yeka sub-city and a number of beneficiaries are continuing to demand a scale up the support and reach more families.

Yengat Birhan is evolved based on the rapid situation assessment made in 2015. Both the rapid assessment and the founder observation revels that how a little support from a single family could change the condition of households through small business activity which encourages to extending the support in a more structured and organized way. As a result, the organization established its constituency and elects the board of directors, and formally registered as a resident charity with registration number 3645 in June 2016, with the mission to empower poor and disadvantaged individuals, family and communities, by helping to actualizing their latent potential through integrated development programs. The project was designed to respond to the problems of disadvantageous families especially women or child headed family by providing innovative and comprehensive support related to their economy, child education and health.

  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • People Centered
  • Compassionate
  1. Supporting the effort of women/mothers to change their family life through creating income generating activity.
  2. Assisting by Select and implement specific intervention identified to address family needs through dialogue at household level.
  3. Organizing session for learning and sharing of lessons from individual families and issues defined for collaborative effort.
  4. Providing school support for school children: school material including school uniform and tutorial class two times in a week with a cup of milk, to minimize absents and to perform them better.
  5. Giving preventive health education for the mothers’ group during their meeting and for school children in two nearby school.
  1. Family specific intervention: Learning and discussing of the family need and related intervention is continuous efforts to further learn and develop projects. The project team visits each family and discuss on the different aspect of their life. In the discussion, the project team is learning the specific family need and further discusses the type of intervention, how it will be implemented and expected role and responsibilities. (For the last one and half year 80 families reached)
  2. Supporting children to go to school: The list of children enrolled in public school, formal education is collected through home visit from the specific family. From each family half of the children enrolled and supported to attend the education. The project is giving more chance for female students. The support includes counseling; follow up of the children during home visit, provision of school items. In 2016 and 2017, at the end of August, the organization provided Exercise book, Pen and pencil for 96 students, once per year.
  3. Health education to create awareness: Health care counseling and education to prevent HIV and common health problems is an ongoing activity provided during home visit and during weekly women meeting by health professionals. In the counseling session, a simple observation and screening done to specific complaints and if those needs further attention properly linked /referred.
  4. Education and counseling on essential nutrition: The families will be educated on common nutrition problem and counseled on essential nutrition action.
  • Resource mobilization effort will be materialize from local and external source/donors.
  • Capacity building through developing working documents, manuals, staffing and office facility.
  • Approach volunteers to commit their expertise knowledge and other possible resources.
  • Augment the women economic empowerment project in providing small grant and improve the working capital.
  • Establish its website and promote the organization vision, mission and purpose to the public. 
  • Asses viable projects outside of the capital city.

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