Opportunities to support Yengat Birhan Charity Organization

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    1. Sponsorship (individuals or in group)

    1.1. For one single mom’s to give three month and above Professional   education like hair dressing, Cooking, babysitter etc, in order to employ or to sponsor one woman to start small business after business skill training

    • Two times in a year one hundred(100)USD
    • Onetime payment: two hundred(200.00)USD

    1.2. Sponsor one Year educational expenses for one child 

    • Monthly: fifteen (15.00)USD for one year or
    • Two times in a year ninthly (90)USD
    • Onetime payment: one hundred eighty (180.00)USD
    1. In kind support

    New and used clothes, house hold materials, school materials, etc…

    1. Voluntary service (Professional assistance)

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    1. To be a member, annually, starting from one hundred (100) US

    You can register in this form for Donation.

    You can donate us on Bank Account:

    Birhan International Bank:  1600110007833

    Awash Bank Account: 01308161608800